And this is why I don't use Internet Explorer

It may be the most common and used internet browser out there, but as far as security goes, Internet Explorer is flawed. Period.

A security flaw in Internet Explorer (versions 5 and up) poses a serious threat as it enables hackers to hijack the users' passwords. Even though the most sensible thing to do is to switch to a different browser (temporarily or permanently), the head of Microsoft UK's Windows group, John Curran, says that, "I cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw."

Wrong! Switch to a different browser as soon as possible, seriously. FireFox is a fast, excellent, customizable browser-it has spell checker too! Other decent alternatives are Safari and Opera.

Trism for the iPhone: Game Makes Big Dollars

CNN recently wrote an article for an interesting new game called Trism.

The game, created and developed by Steve Demeter, is a very simple puzzle game which aims to match-up the same colored triangles together to earn points. What makes the game more interesting is that it is also affected by the way the user rotates the iPhone.

Demeter is one of many game developers who are making money off of being able to create their own game and sell it on the Apple App Store.


OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child.

These laptops are quite interesting. It currently runs on Linux but there are plans to make Windows XP available someday as well. As it doesn't have much of the power-consuming features (hard drive, CD/DVD drives, etc.), it is a self-powered device that generates it's power from a hand-crank generator.

The purpose of these laptops are to give children living in third world countries a chance to learn things in a different way. People can donate for one at As an effect of the Give 1 Get 1 program (G1G1), for every one that a person donates for, one laptop is given to a child in a third world country.

Visual Basic

We've recently moved on from Turbo Pascal to Visual Basic. Aesthetically speaking, Visual Basic is more pleasing to look at and work with than Turbo Pascal, it is somewhat the same coding-wise though.

To get the hang of this program, we were asked to created a Hello World program. After that lesson, I am now more familiar with the tool of this program and I find it easier to work with.

Day of Remembrance

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. At Notre Dame Regional Secondary (Vancouver, BC) a Remembrance Day service was held to commemorate the loss and sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers during the war.

Poppies were worn to remember these fallen soldiers. During a presentation by the grade 12 Acting class, a song by Coldplay played throughout their performance. Part of the song's lyrics somewhat fit the overall feeling of the situation:

"Tears stream, down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace "